Luke Sallaz

Visual Artist 

Artist Statement

See beyond normal reality. See beyond what you see.  

In my art, I creatively apply a property of light and painting called metamerism. After creating my own unique paints, I developed a painting technique in which it is possible to create, and then expose, more than one image on the same canvas by changing the incidental light. 

As a self-taught artist, I am influenced by the spiritual world and the meanings of symbols. Everything to me is spiritual, and physical matter is a manifestation of the spiritual world. 

Previously I was a musician and I wish to recreate the immersive experience of music in this new medium. I use white light, ultraviolet light and colored light to create multiple images and movements. This technique is both immersive and interactive. When the light that falls on the painting changes, what your eyes see also changes, creating a more intense experience.

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At 10:00 am on March 29, 1983, Luiz Antonio Sesso Salazar was born in the quiet and historic city of Jaboticabal in the State of São Paulo. Since he was a little boy, he stood out for being different from his parents who were dark, and he was the firstborn blond with green eyes. He grew up on the outskirts of Jaboticabal, and his parents always worked hard to provide a decent life for him and his brothers, Ednelson Fernando and Paulo Augusto.

At the age of thirteen, he started writing poetry because he really liked music, largely due to the influence of Renato Russo in the band Legião Urbana, and also to better deal with the new feelings that arose in his adolescence. He was always very sensitive towards other people, and his poems were real streams of thoughts.

At the age of 17 he got his first guitar from his grandmother Deolinda Ganzarolli, and after two months of frustrated attempts to play the guitar he decided to ask a friend for help who guided him to coordinate the rhythm with the change of chords. One class only and the rest learned by itself. For 20 years, his dream was to be a musician, mainly a singer, he already composed several songs, and he was determined to follow his dream.

He went to study lyrics at the State University of Londrina motivated to better know the words to write his songs. However, upon graduation, he worked as a singing teacher, event organizer, manager of the Jaboticabal cinema, internet and telephone salesman, until he became manager of a corporate department to serve companies at a local internet provider.

His business career was going well, but his heart was doing badly. Until in 2017, aged 33, after not finding satisfaction in anything in the city and a bad fight with his brother Ednelson, he decided to abandon everything, pick up his guitar, and hit the road with no destination. Life took him to the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, and then, 30km away, he found an opportunity to be a teacher in a rural village called Vereda. So, he spent the whole year there having incredible experiences that made him crystallize the foundations of the artist he is today.

There he was very lonely because it was a rural area and there weren't many people there, just a few friends. Which gave him a lot of time to write and think about his songs. And when loneliness got too tight, he would grab his “survival kit” and go out on the roads, hitchhiking towards the city. There he met people from all over the world, and he had contact with alternative people who saw life in a different way… different from the way of thinking of those inside the system.

Due to a political maneuver at the time of elections, teachers in Goiás had their salary tripled, and so Luiz, who already presented himself as Luke Sallaz at that time, managed to save money to fulfill his dream of getting rid of his glasses by having an operation to myopia.

Since he was a little boy, he stood out for drawing well, however, this skill was dormant until January 2019 when he needed to be creative to give his girlfriend a present at the time of her birthday and he had no money. And despite wanting to be a musician, it was in painting that he found recognition for his art and established himself as an artist. Already at her birthday party, where his painting was exhibited, he already received his first order, and then another and then another, and in the same year he participated in his first exhibition at the cultural tea held at the UNESP faculty in Jaboticabal.

Then, in June 2019, his father was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, and it was 8 months of struggle until, in February 2020, Luiz Carlos died, and a period of mourning caused his creativity to diminish.

In November of the same year he met a girl and got her pregnant on the first date. It cheered him up to feel the feeling of being a father for the first time. However, on the same day his father passed away, a year later, in February 2021, he lost his baby due to a system that was implemented in the hospital recently and the staff did not know how to operate it well.

As he had prepared himself to have a fixed salary in order to take care of his baby, he went back to teaching Portuguese in the municipal network of Dumont and State in Pradópolis and Ribeirão Preto during the pandemic, and he entered precisely in a project to help students and teachers to adapt to the virtual teaching system. It was very difficult for him, as he had just lost his son to the system, and now he was working for him.

He continued working as a teacher, until the opportunity arose to take his Italian citizenship and take his art further in the world. And so it was to know its origins and better understand how the world works. He lived for a year and a half in Veneto, Italy, where he perfected his techniques and artistic bases, as well as the technological support for his paintings and founded his unique technique calling it Allukimia.

My Art

With my art I want to show that reality is fleeting, that what matters is what is beyond what is seen. The change of lights, white light to black light, has the purpose of changing the environment and, thus, changing the frequencies revealing the supernatural. And it is in this moment of transition that my art happens. It's not just a physical painting, it's not just a neon painting... but it's a whole change of environment, external that reflects on the observer's artistic fruition.

Thus, fruition happens the instant the lights are changed. Until then, in the world of art, a painting was painted according to the ambient light, and this was the norm. But technology allowed my art to exist, because without it my paintings would be like any other painting to be appreciated under normal white light. The possibility of creating the ideal environment with the desired light frequency, in addition to being a reflection of human activity in the world, made it possible to create this transmuting experience, and in a certain way immersive, because, when changing the ambient lighting, we make the viewer “enter the work”.

Transmutation is the property of changing by transforming circumstances and one's essence, and I see it as an alchemical term, as if used to describe the transformation of lead into gold. And this is precisely the purpose of my art: to show the “gold” of spiritual life, in addition to the material one. In fact, I'm only bringing up these dichotomous concepts to refute them. I think that everything is spiritual indeed, for without the spirit, matter is dead. That is, we tend to think that there is our physical arm and the spirit, but it is our spirit who moves our arm, thus, what is material can be understood as an extension of the spiritual that is connected to it, or even as a consolidation of the subtle energies, which, deep down, are what move the denser energies.

I never deny science, because it is part of my art, but we cannot forget that science is a means for us to reach the spirit. Several new theories of science arrive at this point, and thus, my art also proposes this reflection. The paints I use are made by myself and I try to use pigments that are matte and non-toxic fluorescent. And in fluorescents, mainly, there is a layer exchange reaction of electrons that are stimulated by the high energy of black light and when jumping from layer they release energy. This is pure science here. Anyway, the black light in turn is only invisible to the eyes because it is on the threshold of human vision, and is not harmful to health, because it is UVA that has a wavelength that begins around 410 nm and ends at 315 nm.

I think that humanity needed to arrive at this moment of evolution for my art to exist, and we are experiencing a change of eras, entering the age of Aquarius. A moment of profound changes on planet earth.

I met a legend on my travels through the roads of Goiás that the Indians predicted that when the land was devastated and nature polluted, spirits would appear in various nations around the world in order to recover the planet. And these people are actually part of a great tribe called the Rainbow Tribe, and without pretensions, I think I'm part of it, because my fight is to make the human being change, and by changing he can learn to treat nature as his own home, what it really is. And it all starts with the transmutation of human feelings.

When music is played, it changes the environment where it is heard, not only because of the contact with the ears, but it is also a frequency that makes everything it touches vibrate, and with the lights it is the same thing. An environment with black light lighting is an environment that stimulates spirituality and subtle energies, as it is a higher frequency. In this way my art acts like music, however, it doesn't need minutes to be played and appreciated, and yes, it is instantaneous, and it is in this fleeting moment that it happens. In this short space of time all eternity is manifested.

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