Ave Maria

White Light

Black Light

Title: Hail Mary

Technique: Acrylic on MDF

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 07/05/19

Identification number: 9191924

Dimensions: 64 cm x 43 cm​​​​​​

Provenance: Private collection of Gabriele Sesso de Souza in São José dos Campos/SP.


Those who see the saints only in the sacred images of the church can often miss the essence of what it is to be a saint, because they may think that being a saint is something outdated and that today it is no longer cool to lead a life dedicated to the things of God.

In this work, I tried to bring to the present a reinterpretation of the Virgin Mary who always intercedes for us in the most difficult moments. On her halo is the Latin Ave Maria prayer that is most visible in black light. There is also the name of Jesus in Latin "Iesus" which is at the heart of his holiness and of all Christianity.

From the photos alone it is not possible to see the shine that the special paint I used makes, with the brush strokes in all directions. However, in the black light it is possible to see the glow that comes from the center of the Virgin's head, showing that holiness of thought, purity of mind and positive thoughts shine for the entire universe. So the message that every holy person is a light to the world.

This is a picture that contains many teachings that I have absorbed during my Christian life. Now I understand a lot that I didn't before. Today I can see beyond what I used to see. And if it weren't for the intercession of the saints in my life, maybe today I wouldn't be here to do this work... I hope that this work inspires the young above all, and that the old can learn from the young, repent of the their mistakes and can breathe a sigh of relief. But if even so, my prayers in colored forms do not bring results, may the Virgin Mary intercede for us at the hour of our death.