Inside Outside

White Light

Black Light

Title: Inside Outside

Technique: Acrylic on cardboard

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 03/2019

Identification number: 9191908

Dimensions: 11 cm x 11 cm​​​​​​

Provenance: Private Collection of Vital Gonzales in Machala, Ecuador

Work exhibited at the Cultural Tea event of FCAV UNESP campus of Jaboticabal in June 2019.


The universe is within us, and no one better than a monk to show us this. In this work we see through the third eye of a monk who glimpses the universe within himself. It is a mini work that suggests us to see our world within us, inspiring insights and ideas to solve problems that appear to us during our journey.

She is almost entirely green in artificial light representing the blindness of materialistic vision. In black light, the spiritual world is more clearly revealed, thus revealing the universe within itself.