Ego Soul

Ambient light on and construction light off

Ambient light on and construction light on

Ambient light off and construction light on

Title: Ego Soul

Technique: Infinite mirror

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 09/2021

Identification number: 9492138

Dimensions: 60cm x 50cm​​​​​​

Conceptual Wall Sculpture

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In this work I propose a reflection about what we look like and what we are. The Ego and Soul: the two sides of the same reality.

The ego is a tool of the soul in this earthly existence. And he comes with this appearance of the past because in the moment we live in he is falling behind.

When all the lights are on, we glimpse the synthesis of the “I” that we are, physical and infinite material. But when we look at the path that awaits us, when we look at the future, we see the plurality of dimensions and the infinite.

Deep down, we are what is inside, and it would be good if the outside reflected what is inside. Like two sides of the same reality. But what happens, and where the great human imbalance lives, is when we focus more on what is outside than what is inside and vice versa too.

We are what we believe ourselves to be, the question is which mirror do you believe in more...

We are all one with a single path: inward.