Mother of the homelands

White Light

Black Light

Title: Mother of the Fatherlands

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 12/19/19

Identification number: 9191926

Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm​​​​​​

Provenance: Private collection of Ênio Cordeiro, Consul General of the Brazilian Embassy, ​​in New York/NY USA.


This work was made especially to go as a gift to the Brazilian embassy in New York at the request of SEBRAE who went to visit the Consul General Ênio Cordeiro.

I tried to represent in this work the importance of the union between the homelands Brazil and the United States as a way to promote peace and mutual support between nations, that's why the flags together. But valuing Brazil, I used the pregnant mulatto woman as the manager of the nation, and her clothes represent the peoples that formed the Brazilian people: the Portuguese/Italian skirt, the indigenous bracelet, the earring with the colors of Japan, the turban in the colors of Germany and Spain and the African people not symbolized by clothes but by bare skin to demonstrate that they were kidnapped and stripped of their homelands when they came to Brazil.

Above all this I made one of the main symbols of Brazil abroad, which is the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro to bless the nations.

And the flying saucer there to remind us that we are stellar.