Peace and security

White Light

White light and black light

Black light

Title: Peace and Security

Technique: Acrylic on MDF

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 05/2019

Identification number: 9131910

Dimensions: 43cm x 64cm

Provenance: Private Collection of Camila Luise Potenza in São Paulo​​​​​​​


In Chinese culture, the panda represents the symbol of yin-yang, which in turn represents balance, and the owl represents wisdom and is representative of the spiritual world. The two together in this picture transmit the energy of balance of the soul that is made through love.

Even though we seem alone, we are always hugged by someone who loves us and is not present. Even separated by dimensions, we are always together. Feeling safe has more to do with what we feel inside than necessarily with something external.

In this work, the challenge was to convey the idea of ​​SECURITY that true love brings, which, even at a distance, continues to unite the couple.

In the artificial light, we see the panda sleeping peacefully on top of a rock at the edge of the waterfall under the blue sky, demonstrating the peace he is feeling. The panda feels good, because he feels the love of the owl enveloping him, she is inside him, in his dreams, but at the same time it exists on its own.

In the black light, we see the owl and the landscape lit by moonlight. Showing, thus, all his strength, trust and care for his beloved, pouring drops of love on him.

Already under artificial light and black light together, we see the two united. The panda in this dimension, and the more spiritual owl hugging him with love, demonstrating that even far away the couple remains together.