Fisherman of Himself

White Light

Black Light

Title: Fisherman of Yourself

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 11/28/19

Identification number: 9131928-6

Dimensions: 30 cm x 20 cm​​​​​​

Provenance: Private collection of Mateus Campos Costa in Campo Grande-MS.


Work inspired by the verse of the song “Amor de Índio” by Milton Nascimento: “In the summer, go out to fish”.

For many life is seen as a game, and what game would this be if not the great game of getting to know each other better, among others depending on the stage...

But above all, life is for living. But what good is going through life's adventures protected from contact with her?

All this I tried to represent with a beautiful sunny day, good for fishing, in which the astronaut accustomed to his spacesuit isolation seeks to catch a fish in the polluted waters. But then, the black light reveals the fisherman's true purpose, which is to seek himself.

The daylight astronaut is the waking consciousness, and the astronaut revealed by the black light is the subconscious. The two need each other and try to catch glimpses of consciousness in each other. Which also refers to yin and yang and their eternal and infinite balance cycles.