White Light

Black Light

Title: Renaissance

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Place and date of creation: Jaboticabal/SP, 11/30/19

Identification number: 9131928-4

Dimensions: 30 cm x 20 cm​​​​​​

Provenance: Private collection of Luís Paulo Campos Costa in Campo Grande-MS.


Work inspired by the verse of the song "Amor de Índio by Milton Nascimento: "Every day is to live to be what you are and be everything".

In this work I tried to show the victorious flight of the reborn Phoenix. That throws itself into the infinity of its existence.

Using all the colors of the rainbow in the background, I tried to contemplate all the frequencies from the lowest (red) to the highest (violet), thus showing the transmutation of the densest to the most subtle energies. All this starring the phoenix.

The shape of the wings resemble in their emptiness the shape of a chalice and the sun/moon the sacred host. And whoever looks closely will see a cross on the body of the Phoenix, symbolizing the rebirth of Christ.

It is a picture that brings with it the strength to be reborn and transmute energies every day. And what is life but a sequence of renovations?!